Thursday, August 25, 2011

Itty Bitty Batty Committy In Process Photos

 I'm starting to work on the PowerPoint I'll be presenting for the artist talk portion of the Coming Home: SFCC Alumni Exhibit reception and I've decided to feature in-process shots. Looking through the few photos I thought to take during the carving process I'm afraid I may look a little immature presenting them as a part of a gallery talk. Apparently I thought it would be funny to fill the furry body of the bat with my wood shavings. I'm not sure that will hold up in a professional setting, but if I don't use them then Itty Bitty Batty Committy gets no process photos because they're all I've got.

Preparing for MOFAC

Here's a picture I forgot to share. This was the day before I took all my art down to Avon Park. I laid everything out on the floor to make sure nothing made me want to sing "One of these things is not like the other,/ one of these things just doesn't belong..." You may be able to notice that I only had to reframe four prints; that's not too much craziness for the day before. Luckily I don't have a picture of the hurricane state that I left the rest of the apartment in as I tore everything out of their portfolios to decide if anything else needed to be framed and included. I didn't find anything else suitable, unfortunately. I had been looking forward to including at least some state of my Big Kitty print, but it is so big that it will continue looking too naked until I get it completely fleshed out.


"....Can you find what thing is not like the other/ before I can finish this song?"

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Artwork Drop Off at SFCC MOFAC

This past Friday I dropped off my artwork for the Coming Home: SFCC Alumni Exhibit. It was great to see my old professors. I just barely caught Cathy Futral as she was heading out and it was such a treat to work with Mollie Doctrow again. The new lobby for the SFCC Auditorium was amazing. It was the first time I've been able to see it since the renovations and it looks so prestigious that I can hardly believe my High School graduation was there.

I was also able to meet several of the Alumni artists and see their work. Max Gooding is a phenomenal draftsman and my husband made the comment that he would have to invite his dad, who is an architect, to the show to see his work. Suggesting that he wasn't going to invite him to see my art. I also met Caroline Colby and Laura Wolfe whose added talents will make this a must see show.

The show will be open from September 21st - October 27th. There will also be a Third Thursdays Program on October 20th where several of the artists (including me) will be giving a presentation on their art in the gallery. It also includes a reception which I'm pretty sure will have food and drink as is the custom of receptions.