Monday, January 27, 2014

Removing Tape from a Dust Jacket

Another sad story of a well meaning collector trying to protect their books... with scotch tape. For the love of all that is good in this world, never "fix" your books with tape!
There are many books in our collection of Archimedes Patti's research materials. Many of those books have dust jackets and most of those dust jackets have been taped onto their respective books. This book especially won (lost?) the tape lottery. Every fold or scuff or scrape has been taped over. Even the back of the jacket had extra paper taped to it.
It took my microspatula, alcohol, a tacking iron, and all the patience I could muster to lift all of this tape, but in the end the tape was beat and the dust jacket got a new archival form of protection.

A whole new layer of terror

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Grady Kimsey at the Crealdé School of Art

Last week I wrapped up the catalog design for the next installment at the Crealdé School of Art titled Grady Kimsey: The Mind's Eye. The catalog is now in hands of Lawton printers, who always do an excellent job.

The opening reception is Jan 17th, 7pm-9pm and I encourage everyone who can to go. Grady's work is truly a joy to look at and I can't wait to experience his pieces in person. In this series, he incorporates sculpture and painting together in a way that makes them inseparable. The paintings sitting behind the sculptures are more than just a backdrop; they are an integral part of the design. Neither sculpture nor painting is complete without the other.

Grady's whimsical art plus the fantastic photographs by Randall Smith made this catalog a dream to work on. Not to mention the laid back pow-wows at Grady's house with curator Henry Sinn and art dealer Kim Sumner where it all came together. This has definitely been the most enjoyable design job I've worked on to date.