Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow - Last Chance!

The exhibit Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow closes on Saturday Feb 26th, so these are the last two days you'll have a chance to view it! My book I Used to Wear Diapers is on exhibit and I was very pleased with the gallery's handling and presentation of it. Thank you UCF Art gallery- especially for having an open call juried art show. I hope the gallery plans on hosting more exhibits like this one.

Tim Freed from The Central Florida Future (which, thanks to my work here at the University Archives, I have touched every single issue produced since its beginnings on Oct. 7, 1968) wrote a very nice article about the exhibit. I was one of the artists he interviewed for the article and I very much appreciated that the quotes he chose don't make me sound too silly, although I did notice the "kinda" that I slipped in there. I have only myself to blame for talking like a country bumpkin. Check out the article here.