Thursday, September 8, 2011

Etching Press Woes

I've finally hit the brick wall where if I want to continue doing anything I need to buy my own press. Not only do I need it for myself, but this way the students who sign up for Not Your Mama's Print Class won't have to spend half their time burnishing the back of their prints with spoons. (Or a baren, but the idea of spoons is more reminiscent of cruel and unusual labor)

In the end I purchased this "school" etching press from Jerry's Artarama for $186.99. A steal in the press world, which probably means I bought a very expensive paperweight seeing as anything of real quality costs at least $1,000. But this was the only thing in my price range, and if I have to send it back so be it. Here's to hoping I found a gem, and while were toasting, here's to my new series of art within 9"x15"!

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