Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Richeson Baby Etching Press

 My foray into the personal etching press world continues. Some updates since last time: I sent back the school etching press from Jerry's Artarama and although I thought the press was poor quality the customer service was excellent. After receiving some birthday money I decided to go for the press that I've seen all the wonderful reviews on and bought this lovely piece of equipment- The Richeson 11" Baby Press. The sheer weight of it tells you it's quality! I especially love the pressure markings on either side and the fact that it doesn't need to be mounted.

I was first able to use my brand new press for some cards I carved and printed for my first Christmas with my husband. It performed beautifully. I still have to get used to using such a tiny little thing, but our future together is looking bright.


It's found the perfect home on top of the little cabinet in my little dining room at my little apartment.... making little prints!

Even though it was supposed to be a birthday present, this press sure did make my Christmas.

Merry Christmas! There is still one more day!

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